понеделник, 13 септември 2010 г.

CU Fabric Flowers

Description: Commercial use Fabric Flowers by Stefiscraps Designs.This beautiful set of floral fabric is suitable to decorate frames, in addition to bouquets and everything you submit your fantasy! For making fabric flowers are not used action movies! Add a gift four finished songs! Nice fun!

In this kit:
Created and saved at 300dpi

CU Fabric Flowers-Stefiscraps

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понеделник, 6 септември 2010 г.

CU Colorful Shells

Description: Commercial use Colorful Shells by Stefiscraps Designs.This kit for commercial use, consists of 5 shells in 10 different colors suitable for All of taste! They are suitable to decorate your sets for sea and for your photos! Happy Fun!

In this kit:
Created and saved at 300dpi

CU Colorful Shells-Stefiscraps